Heavy Rope Exercises

So you want to work out with heavy ropes? Here’s a good video for your to watch that will teach you all the moves you need to get a fantastic heavy rope workout. All you need is 40 – 50 feet of heavy rope and a high tolerance to pain!

Keep a close eye on the different moves the trainer does here.

Heavy Rope Waves
This is the first exercise the rope trainer demonstrates. Easy to do, simply hold an end of the rope in each hand and alternate moving the the end up and down to create a wave. Put you legs slightly wider than you shoulder and your knees slightly bent.

Heavy Rope Walk-Ins
This is an enhancement to the wave motion details above. While keeping your arms moving, simply walk in. Harder than it looks, since it becomes harder to keep the wave going as you reduce the length.

Two Handed Heavy Rope Slams
Easy and fun! Lift the ends of the rope high overhead, both hands together and then being them down forcefully, slamming the rope into the ground. Really lift them high overhead, extand your arms and slam them down using your whole body. Make sure you keep your back straight!

Jumping Jacks with a Heavy Rope
Simplicity in motion – simply do jumping jacks while holding onto the rope ends. Sounds easy, right? NOT!

Grappler Throw with Heavy Ropes
This one is a bit tough, kind of a reverse shopping wood motion. Keep your hands together, crouch down with them on one side of you body. The, using a circular motion, whip the ends of the rope over to the other side of your body. Rotate your hips and shoulders through the motion to use your whole body.

Rope Pull
This is the only exercise you need additional equipment for. You can use a sled, as demonstrated in teh video, or–what I use–a tire pulled across the ground. As demonstrated, keep your legs bent, butt low, and back straight. Pull the rope straight toward you using your arms. Keep your elbows tucked and back straight while you pull.